Transgender Remembrance Week and being unapologetically QUEER


In honour of it being Transgender Remembrance Week, let me tell you about being unapologetically Queer.

I am unapologetically Queer. Society has had a bad habit of telling people how they should fit in to these clean little categories that have been deemed acceptable by “the man” and makes it easier for everyone to understand stuff.

I have one thing to say about it: FUCK THAT!

I am GenderQueer and I am not going to tell anyone that I’m sorry for not fitting in to the feminine role that has always been expected of me.

Transgender Remembrance Week helps us to stop and take a moment to honour those people who lost their lives because they didn’t fit in to society’s mold. Whether they died by their own hands or the hands of another, it’s tragic and unacceptable.

I have little kids ask me if I’m a boy or a girl quite often. My answer? Both. Yes, I’m sure it’s confusing to them, and I’m not trying to force myself on anyone else, but I also think it is a disservice to trans* people to try to sugar coat these simple things so that people feel more comfortable in their little bubbles.

So let me challenge you…

If you fall outside of the binary and someone asks you if you “are a boy or a girl”, give an honest answer. Both, neither, boy, girl, whatever you identify as. Let them give you that weird look. Let them usher their children away. You may be blessed with the few people who asks questions or just accept you as you are. For those that ask questions? Don’t get offended (unless they are deliberately being rude. Then be offended!). Answer their questions. Educate the masses. Help remove the ignorance, one little person at a time.

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