5 FREE Ways to entertain fussy toddlers


I don’t know about the other parents out there, but there are some days that my toddlers are making their best effort to make me pull my hair out. Are they doing it on purpose?

Some days I wonder.

Keeping toddlers entertained, some days, is the most difficult thing you can do in your life. Disney Movies and HotWheels can only take you so far.

Here’s a handy dandy Top 5 Toddler Activities (with links!) These work great for my kiddo’s and BONUS help teach them valuable skills!

  1. FREE Colour Book to help kids learn colours and words
  2. DIY Coloured Pasta – this is great for sorting activities. Get a few cups and boys and let them sort them and then dump them out!
  3. Mess Free Finger Painting
  4. FREE Do-A-Dot Letter Printables – these are really awesome. Grab a bingo marker, print these bad boys off, and have at it!
  5. Pipe Cleaners and Colander – my boys really love this one. Helps with motor skills and keeps them entertained for a long time!

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