Top 3 Fashion Ideas for GenderQueer afab

Lets be honest here. For us afab’s who are short in stature, clothing options are pretty limited. If we’re wanting to go masculine, we can try to squeeze our hips in to junior boy clothes, or we can go for the more homeless look of Wal-Mart’s boring jeans and roll up the pant legs and just really look like we’re desperate “to look like a man”.

No, I refuse to adhere to that. I have the convenience of a girlfriend who is pretty killer with a sewing machine. For those of you who don’t own one of these or aren’t crafty with a needle and thread, I would advise you to find someone who can adjust pant legs and take some pride in the way you dress!

Without further ado, here are my Top 10 choices for bitching fashion ideas for GenderQueer afab’s:

1. Military Jacket with print T and jeans

Get The Look


Like what you see? Good, because this is an outfit you can wear to any chill occasion. Don’t go to your local salvation army and get a massive military jacket from decades ago, look in to one that is more slimming, like the above. That’s they key, guys.

Fitted clothing. Baggy clothing wasn’t attractive in the 90’s, and it’s not now.

2. Boots are IN

Get The Look


Lets take a moment to appreciate that this dude looks really comfortable. And while looking comfortable, he also looks really stylish. Long sleeve shirt that is just a hair too big, but it is totally fine because he’s got some skinny jeans. No, not the kind you have to paint on, but the kind that are juuuust baggy enough to be comfortable. A nice pair of boots and voi la! Complete this outfit with a slouch beanie, a fitted leather jacket and an infinity scarf and you’re set to go for winter.

3. Get that Slouch Beanie on!

Get The Look Here


Regular beanies look kinda bland. Slouch beanies add that depth of “cool” to your outfit and really help set it off.

Fashion changes from time to time, but these three items are sure to set you off on looking great and will be a time honoured fad for some time.

What are your favourite queer fashion trends? Tell us in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Top 3 Fashion Ideas for GenderQueer afab

  1. Zoe says:

    I love everything here. The jackets and boots especially. You got me thinking that it really must be a pain to find things that fit the aesthetic you want considering how narrow minded designers are about body shapes. I have a hell of a time finding clothes for my flat, thin body. Sometimes I’m forced to make it myself. Yeah, sewing and all.


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